NaakMusiQ Manhood Could Not Relax Standing Next To Natasha Thahane

NaakMusiQ's Eggplant is disturbed as he stands next to Natasha Thahane

NaakMusiQ’s Eggplant could now relax while he stood next to Natasha Thahane for a photo.

How do you feel when your two favourite people look so beautiful in a photo but something else seems to take away your focus from them? That’s exactly what we and a whole lot of others feel right now because we’re finding it hard to focus on what we need to. There’s just so much distraction.

Multi-talented Mzansi celeb, NaakMusiQ and actor, Natasha Thahane have often caused speculations that they are in a relationship with each other. The two previously caused a frenzy after sharing a happy photo of themselves to their Instagram accounts. Now, we’re wondering if they really are dating or not.

A recent photo shared by NaakMusiQ shows the two of them smiling but something steals the show – NaakMusiQ’s eggplant. It doesn’t seem to be calm in the photo. Fans of the Mzansi star saw it too and said so in the comments section.

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