Naakmusiq Reveals He Got His Good Looks From His Daddy

South African singer, Naaqmusiq has taken to Twitter to post a picture of himself and his dad, a move that has finally shown fans where he got his good looks from.

Naakmusiq is no stranger to the music industry. The quality of songs he has churned out in the past has endeared him to fans and carved out a special place for him. Writing on Twitter with an accompanying picture of himself and his father, Naakmusiq wrote:

My old man. Same design.

Fans loved it as it finally provided an insight into where he got his good looks from even as others insisted that his dad was cuter than him.

One of his fans tweeted:

Your dad is way hotter.

Another fan wrote:

ur dad is my type

Even as yet another fan tweeted the obvious when he said:

Ladies will start thirsting over the old man.

Naakmusiq who masterminded the “Born to Entertain” album is behind songs like “Dance Till You Drop,” “Call Out,” “Ndicela,” “Not Guilty,” “What Have You Done,” and doesn’t look like he is slowing down anytime soon.

Naakmusiq has allegedly just bought a new ride for himself and while it’s all still speculations, fans may get to see it soon if the news is anything to be believed.

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