Nadia Jaftha’s GBV Statement Elicits Mixed Reactions

Gender-based violence is one of the issues South Africa contends with. So it is not surprising that the issue is usually taken seriously by many South Africans. 

Well, South African influencer Nadia Jaftha found herself in the middle of a GBV controversy recently over her brother Taariq’s action. 

According to reports, Taariq has been abusive to his wife Danica. Allegedly, he abducted her and beat her up, an action that provoked controversy online, with some social media users dragging Nadia Jaftha into the whole drama. 

In the heat of it all, she had to issue a statement in which she pointed out that she doesn’t have a relationship with her brother and also doesn’t know the whereabouts of his wife whom he allegedly abused. 

She claimed not to know anything about the cade between her brother and Danica but pointed out that all she wants is for Danica to be found and reunited with her family. And she will continue to do so. You can check out the detailed statement below. 

Nadia Jaftha'S Gbv Statement Elicits Mixed Reactions 2

Some South Africans were unimpressed with the statement, however, with some accusing her of just putting up a show. 

For his part, Taariq is disappointed that his sister didn’t support him but “threw me under the bus.”

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