Nadia Nakai And L-Tido Might Be Dropping D Collab Soon

Nadia Nakai and L-Tido might be dropping a new joint soon

Nadia Nakai and L-Tido might be collaborating on a new joint soon.

Yo, isn’t social media fun? We must confess that it is. Some amazing friendships have been built on social media. Also, artists have connected with each other leading to some dope collaborations from various parts of the world.

A recent Twitter fun may have inspired a new collab between two of our favourite SA Hip Hop stars; Nadia Nakai and L-Tido.

Here’s what went down. L-Tido tweeted an advice to women saying that it is stealing when they take their men’s hoodies and don’t bring it back.

Ladies, taking your man’s hoodie and not bringing it back is cheating” 

The tweet got a lot of reactions from various celebs and followers who weighed in on it. However, one tweet caught Tido’s attention. It was a reaction from Nadia Nakai who replied saying men flirting over text is cheating.

Men flirting over text is cheating”

Actually Bragga’s reply rhymes with the initial tweet which is what L-Tido’s attention. He hit her back asking that they hit the studio together to which Bragga agreed. That means we might be getting something new from the two Hip Hop stars. Boy, we can’t wait.

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