Nadia Nakai Announces Release Date For “Back In”

SA Hip Hop star Nadia Nakai has announced the official release date for her next single, “Back In.”

Nadia Nakai is ready to drop, and so are we. The famous rapper announced, a while back that she was ready to release new music. She revealed the title to be “Back In.”

The “Naked” star had previously appeared as a contributor on her late boyfriend AKA’s posthumous album “Mass Country.” Fans have anticipated the song’s release since she shared that a music video had also been filmed for it.

Nadia is finally ready to deliver. Taking to her Instagram page, she shared a video announcing the imminent release of the song and the date. She wrote in the caption, “My new single ‘Back In’ Drops on the 8th.” Happy fans have taken to the comments to share how excited they are. No doubt, Nadia will dominate the scene like she always does.

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