Nadia Nakai Apologizes To DJ Milkshake

SA Hip Hop star Nadia Nakai has tendered an apology to DJ Milkshake while maintaining her stance.

Nadia Nakai recently called out her colleague DJ Milkshake for not including South African Hip Hop songs in his set. The star was so furious that she wrote,

I’m so sick of hip-hop deejays!!! I’m actually dropping hip-hop joints and you dont play the sh*t,” Nadia said. “Used to fight D about it too!!! @djmilkshake I’m talking about you!! Mxm how many times you gonna play all I do is win! Mxm!”

Opening up about it, she revealed that the post was made while she was with him. She has apologized to the Hip Hop DJ, and still maintained her stance about him not playing new Hip Hop songs.

“I’m sorry for calling out Milkshake. The reason I did that was because I was with him while he was playing at Members when I asked him, like I always do. If I hurt you, I’m sorry bro! Buuuut it still doesn’t change the fact that I’m not hearing new hiphop drops… and I’m not,” wrote Nadia Nakai.

The rap star has often voiced her frustration over SA Hip Hop DJs not playing local Hip Hop songs. She once had issues with DJ Dimplez over it.

Nadia Nakai Apologizes To Dj Milkshake 2

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