Nadia Nakai Celebrates 1 Year of “Nadia Naked,” to Release Deluxe Edition

It is one year since Family Tree rapper Nadia Nakai released her debut album “Nadia Naked,” and the songstress is thankful for all accomplishments since the release.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the album, Nadia Nakai has revealed she is working on a deluxe edition. She shared this information with her Instagram fans on Sunday 28 June 2020, asking if they want it (the deluxe edition).

By the way, the previous album, “Nadia Naked,” elicited mixed reactions at the time of release, with some music lovers dismissing it as overrated. But Cassper Nyovest, who runs Family Tree, had stood mightily behind his artiste.

He praised her to the moon and back. Actually, the said album would have been released much earlier, but Cassper Nyovest had asked Nadia Nakai to start all over again. The result was “Nadia Naked,” which he praised.

The album actually did way in the market, netting the songstress some important gigs.

The “Naked” part of the album’s title in no way indicated she would go nude. But that was what some fans had assumed at the time. “Naked” here actually meant opening all the doors of her creativity for the world to see.

Well, what do you expect from the imminent deluxe edition?

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