Nadia Nakai Emerges From Social Media Hiatus With New Message

Love is such a strong feeling that it’d make people do what they have promised not to do. Lol. Well, that’s the case with South African rapper Nadia Nakai.

The songstress recently announced a break from social media, but with her new lover AKA getting bombed east and west for the way he responded to an obscure artiste who wanted to collaborate with him, Nadia Nakai has temporarily terminated her hiatus to speak out.

Of course, her reappearance on social media at a time AKA is facing some heat might be coincidental, but some fans think it’s somehow related to AKA.

In a post to her Instagram story, she had noted that broken things become blessings when people let God do the mending.

Was this just an ordinary message or she was somehow referencing AKA, who lost his fiancé Nelli Tembe last April and, months later, happens to be healing by having a relationship with her, Nadia?

AKA and Nadia Nakai haven’t said anything about dating, but fans are convinced, on the strength of their social media posts, that they are now an item. AKA the “Secret Santa” had gifted her a Rolex watch last year and the couple had a wonderful time drenching the watch with champagne during an outing at Club Konka.

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