Nadia Nakai Gearing Up To Release New EP Dedicated To AKA

South African rapper AKA might be dead, but he is still very much alive in the hearts of those who love him, most especially his girlfriend Nadia Nakai.

The songstress was among the hardest hit by his death earlier this year and she has been trying to overcome the tragedy that she would have to live without him for the rest of her live. Well, she has got big plans in his memory.

By her own account, she is gearing to release new music dedicated to him – a tribute EP. While she mourned, she had also been working on the project. Now, she says the project will be dropping soon. She didn’t give the project title nor did she say when fans should expect it.

She merely gave a vague notion about the frop, letting fans know that it will be on a sentimental date – pretty soon. You can check put the clips below.

Having made the announcement of the project, a wave of expectations have enveloped South Avfricans as they look forward to the content of her imminent project.

AKA was assassinated in Durban on Febraury 10, 2023. A point-blank shot to the head killed him alonsgdie his former manager Tibz

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