Nadia Nakai In Public Spat With Insurance Company Over Car

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South African rapper Nadia Nakai is unimpressed with the way an insurance company is handling her claims and she has just lashed out at the company over the issue.

In a recent tweet, the songstress indicated that King Price Insurance prides itself on having excellent customer service but her experience with them is exactly the opposite. She is seriously fuming because the company has not been acting professionally in taking up her claims.

The drama started after she called them out on Twitter, noting how her car was gone for almost a year and she had not heard from the insurance company despite repeated emails from her. Then she finally got her car back but the insurance company refused to fix all the problems with the car. As far as she is concerned, the insurance company is the worst out there.

In response to her tweet, the insurance company asked her to send a DM detailing the issue as well as her claim number. This infuriated her even more, as she noted had written to them previously but they ignored all her messages. You can check out the exchange below.

It’s unclear how long until the two eventually patch things up – if at all