Nadia Nakai Points To Bianca Naidoo’s Support As She Mourned AKA

Febaraury 10, 2023 was one day South African rapper Nadia Nadia life took a terrible turn forever and in a way that cannot be reversed. Her boyfriend AKA was assaassinated on that day, leaving her in mourning.

But how has she been plodding ahead following that tragedy? This question and  more formed part of what she addressed suting a recent Interview with local Publication Sowetan.

By her own account, she found great support in Bianca Naidoo following AKA’s death. Biance seemed like the ideal person to provide support having herself lost a famous rapper husband earlier.

Bianca is the wife of the late Riky Rick, who hanged himself years on fenruary 23, 2022, after a protracted battle with depression. It was a death many had not seen coming. ANd the rapper is still being mourned.

Well, Nadia Nakai happened to have sound strength and support in the widow he left behind. Bianca was in a better position to understand her and provide support as well. And she didn’t disappoint.

It has been a long walk for Nadia Nakai since AKA’s death, but she is still standing and even about to memorialize him forever in a project specifically in his honour. Life must go on.

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