Nadia Nakai Remembers AKA 4 Months After Assassination, Mzansi Comforts Her

June 10 marked the fourth month since South African rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes was murdered in broad daylight, and it was a moment of remembrance who the woman who was his girlfriend at the time of his death – Nadia Nakai.

AKA and Nadia Nakai had known each other for years but only began a relationship recently. Nadia Nakai had gotten out of a relationship with America’s Vic Mensa and AKA himself had gotten over mourning his girlfriend Nelli Tembe, who had reportedly jumped to her death from the 10th floor of the Peppeclub Hotel in Cape Town on Sunday, April 11, 2021.

AKA appeared so much in love in the period he was together with Nadia Nakai. Even those who had criticised their relationship initially were beginning to change their minds and describe their relationship as giving couple goals.

Sadly, AKA died by a point-blank shot to the head on February 10, just outside Ish Restaurant on Florida Road in Durban.

A sad memory, indeed. Nadia is yet to get over it, So it was pretty easy typing “4 months…” followed by a sad face emoji to indicate just it feels to be without her lover.

Her compatriots were in the comment section to comfort her.

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