Nadia Nakai Responds To Tweeps Accusing Her of StockPiling!

Nadia Nakai responds to a Twitter user who accused her of stockpiling.

South African rapper, Nadia Nakai, had to explain herself after she was accused of stockpiling by a Twitter user. This followed a post that she made on Twitter.

On Monday, President Cyril Ramaphosa had announced that there would be a lockdown, to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

The talented rapper took to her Twitter page to express her excitement. She stated that she would not have to take part in the panic shopping because she has the hoarder habit of always stocking grocery in her house that could last for a whole month.

Nadia Nakai tweeted:

I’m so happy I’ve been a hoarder shopper all my life. I feel like I have food already to last me the whole month! Babes! The shops tomorrow are going to be insane!

A Twitter user who felt that the ‘40 Bars’ hitmaker did not adhere to the directive of the president, rebuked Nadia Nakai.

The Twitter user wrote:

No need fo stock piling guys the president specifically said it.

The ‘Chankura’ rapper, who believed that the Twitter user had misinterpretated her post, explained that she was not talking about stockpiling now. She stated that she had shopped earlier and she has enough groceries to last her for a month, such that she does not need to go shopping again.

Nadia Nakai explained:

What I’m saying is, I don’t feel the need to go stock up on groceries tomo because I’ve always found myself buying a lot of stuff and stocking it anyway, therefore the stuff I already could last me 21 days.

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