Nadia Nakai Says She Is Not Suicidal After Her Viral Tweet About Missing AKA & Not Fearing Death

Nadia Nakai Reflects On The Time She Broke AKA’s Heart

Mzansi rapper Nadia Nakai caused a stir online recently over a post she made that left her compatriots worrying that she is suicidal. She had to post a clarification, letting everyone know that she wasn’t suicidal.

How did it all start? The “Yass Bitch” rapper had noted, in a since-deleted tweet, that she no longer fears that. Many of her compatriots who saw the tweet thought she was suicidal, especially as she also mentioned that she missed AKA, her assassinated lover, in the same tweet.

Reacting to the concern her tweet generated across South Africa, she clarified that she was just sharing her thoughts on how they would meet in the afterlife. She insisted that she is not suicidal at all and has been taking things easy.

The clarification comes as a relief to many of her fans who thought something was wrong and were already gearing up to intervene and see to it that she does nothing to harm herself.

It has not been an easy run for Nadia Nakai after AKA was assassinated on February 10 this year just after stepping out of Wish Restaurant in the company of his pals, including his former manager, Tbello “Tibz” Motsoane, who was killed with him.