Nadia Nakai Says She’s Taking A Break From Social Media

SA Hip Hop star, says she is taking a break from social media to focus on real life.

If there was to be a Queen of content in Mzansi, it most definitely would be Nadia Nakai. Bragga’s social are undeniably one of the most entertaining and her fans know this. Although she has not been killing it in the music front as before, she seems to be living her best life with her man, AKA.

Both have been spotted having a great time together. Nakai has also recently taken steps back from her social media pages. After some fans reacted to her being AWOL and stating how much they miss her, she replied them and revealed that she’s actually taking a break from socials to live in the real life.

However, she assured them that she’ll be back later. That was enough to calm their fears. No doubt, she’ll be back with a new kind of energy.

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