Nadia Nakai Shares Update On Her Lost Bag

SA Hip Hop and TV star Nadia Nakai has shared a new update on her lost bag at Kenya Airways.

Nadia Nakai has been through the worst this year, which is why her fans rally around her when she cries out. We all need her to be happy. The star recently took to her Instagram stories to share that Kenya Airways had lost her bag on her way back from Tanzania.

Recall that Nadia was recently in Zanzibar having the time of her life. She shared photos and made sure her fans got a taste of the fun. The “Naked” rapper was pissed at Kenya Airways for not only losing her back but also not picking up their calls when she reached out to make a complaint.

She recently shared a new update on the missing bag, revealing that it has been found. She shared a screenshot of a fan’s message to the airline on Instagram and revealed the bag was on its way to SA.

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