Nadia Nakai Shares Why She Didn’t Represent Zimbabwe With Her BET Nomination

Famous rapper Nadia Nakai has shared why she didn’t represent Zimbabwe with her BET nomination.

Nadia Nakai’s roots have posed a question among fans and awards organizers. The star was born and bred in SA to a Zimbabwean mother. She made waves when she bagged a BET Awards nomination for Best International Flow.

Nakai’s country was registered as Zimbabwe, but she contacted the organizers to change it to South Africa. Appearing on the “Choppin It with Bhudha T” podcast, she said she did it to not rob Zimbabwean rappers who have been putting in work of their representation.

Nadia said, “Me & Blxckie got nominated for BET, and it said Zimbabwe, but then I got it corrected, they put South AH. They had to because you know why though? There’s no way I could go and represent Zimbabwe for BET when there are amazing female artists that are based in Zimbabwe, that know the culture, that rap in Shona, that live that life.”

“They deserve to be the first one that gets nominated representing Zimbabwe because they are actually doing the damn thing in Zimbabwe. I can’t take that credit and say I’m Zimbabwean but I actually dont move there like that, you know that’s not where I’m at,”

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