Nadia Nakai Slams Accusations That She Stole A Wig From A Namibian hairdresser

SA Hip Hop star Nadia Nakai has denied claims that she stole a wig from a Namibian hairdresser.

Nadia Nakai has denied stealing a R6,500 wig. She was called out by a Namibian hairdresser, Senia, who took to her Instagram stories claiming the rapper took her wig without making payment when she was in Namibia for a gig.

She wrote, “Nadia Nakai took the wig without returning it as agreed upon. Despite numerous attempts to retrieve it, the wig arrived back in poor condition. After exposing the situation, Nadia sent the wrong wig, creating further complications. Her manager blocked communication and threatened legal action.”

“After persistent efforts, payment was received from an anonymous source, leading to the removal of posts. The incident, fueled by disrespect, prompted a donation to charity.
“Despite being a renowned brand in Namibia, FashionWins will no longer lend unpaid wigs. The experience solidifies the brand’s commitment to integrity and support from the Namibian community.”

Nadia has refuted the claims. She told Briefly that she was legally adviced not to say anything about it. However, she said,

“However, this wig was delivered on the 7th of December. And it was acknowledged that the wig had been received, by the people she directed us to send it to.” She also called the lady a clout chaser.

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