Nadia Nakai Stands By Her Decision To Drop 40 Bars!

Nadia Nakai defends her decision to drop 40 Bars

Nadia Nakai defends her decision to release 40 Bars even though if isn’t part of her upcoming project.

A lot of people may be walking around worried for Nakai’s upcoming project, “Naked”, but the talented rapper isn’t at all. In fact, she knows exactly what she’s doing and wants all of Mzansi and her concerned fans to know that.

It is no news that the rapper has been working on her upcoming debut album “Naked” for a while now. She had previously dropped a single “More Drugs” off the album and also released a video for it. The rapper has also released the “40 Bars” joint featuring Emtee which is reportedly not part of the project, and fans aren’t happy with that.

In their opinion, it would divert attention fro  the coming project. Unfortunately, Nadia doesn’t believe that it will, she’s still got scheduled music dropping later which she reveals will be “sing alongs”. In her opinion, “you can’t kill good music“.

She said,

“Everything is strategised when i release a song. There is a reason i release more drops close to he end of the year cause I want the song to be sing along for December and now that I have dropped a video a few weeks ago I have a grace period before I move to my next song which I cant tell you what it is but people have an idea of the type of song which I feel is not a good enough time to drop right now at this time of the year.

So this grace period I can drop a song like 40 bars and pay attention to it fully and go back to the song that I initially strategically decided to drop at a certain point of the year.

I don’t believe it’s going to kill the album because the album is very goood . You can’t kill good music.”

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