Nadia Nakai Under Firer Over Boat Ride With Congolese Businessman

South African rapper Nadia Naki has come under fire from her compatriots after a clip of her having a good time with a man said to be a Congolese businessman and another lady, Eva Modika, surfaced online.

In the said clip, shared by the gossip blog Maphepha Ndaba, Nadia Nakai and Eva Modika could be seen sitting on either side of the unnamed businessman, who occasionally takes a swig from a bottle of cognac he had in hand. All three of them were having a good time. Their location was said to be Cape Town in South Africa.

Many South Africans who saw the clip were unimpressed and they made this known in their reaction to the clip. One of them was so disappointed with the video that he denounced the “Yass Bitch” rapper as “for the streets.”

Another thinks AKA dodged a bullet. Kiernan “AKA” Forbes was Nadia’s immediate past lover. Their relationship ended only because AKA was assassinated on February 10, just outside Wish Restaurant, soon after he stepped out of the place with his companions.

It is unclear if Nadia Nakai is dating the man in the video, but it is a sign that she has moved on at this point.

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