Nadia Nakai Unveils Gifts From AKA’s Father

SA Hip Hop star Nadia Nakai unveiled gifts from her late boyfriend, AKA’s father.

You may have noticed Nadia Nakai living her life and having fun in Dubai. She’s got videos all over social media, so it’s almost hard to miss. We are all happy to see a smile on her face, and it definitely took a lot of work for her to get there.

The famous rapper and reality star has had help from her let boyfriend’s family and DJ Zinhle. It has been touching seeing how much they have all banded together. Nadia has also been flaunting accessories from DJ Zinhle’s ERA on social media.

She recently shared a video unveiling gifts from AKA’s father, Tony Forbes. She opened a gift bag with GalxyBoy fashion accessories and said,

“Thank you, I think this is also from Uncle Tony, so shoutout to Galxyboy; that’s culture. There’s a hoody, and here’ this is precious (Galxyboy Necklace). Thank you so much; this is so pretty. I still want the earrings, though, so please, still send those to me,”  Watch the video below.

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