Nadia Nakai’s Life Before Family Tree and Fame Revealed

Ever wondered what Nadia Nakai was doing before Casssper Nyovest signed her to his record label Family Tree? Well, the “Yass Bitch” rapper has revealed just that.

Apparently, the songstress was living a simple life devoid of the glitz and paparazzi when Cassper Nyovest, who had recognized her rapping talent, snapped her for his Family Tree record label.

The songstress, who is also called Bragga, revealed, in response to a fan’s enquiry, that she was actually an account executive at an advertising agency before she signed to Family Tree record label. You can check out her tweet below.

It is a known fact that no one artiste actually started at the top. Artistes had to plod and fight their way to the top. Also, before some artistes became famous, they were engaged in odd jobs. Some were taxi drivers. Others were just, well, street thugs.

Nadia Nakai was in an office somewhere managing the accounts of clients in an advertising agency. Perhaps if Cassper Nyovest had not discovered her and signed her one, we would never have had “More Drugs” to stay sane after wonderful relationships end.

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