Naledi Aphiwe Apologises To Fans Over Allegedly Bragging About Chris Brown Collabo

For many, the dream is to work with some of the top voices in the world. But of course, not everyone gets to see that dream manifest.

South African singer Naledi Aphiwe might be counted among the lucky few in that she got to work with American singer Chris Brown. For one who didn’t have an impressive catalogue at the time, it was a massive boost to her singing dreams, and she knew it.

Some would say that success got to her head, as she started bragging about the collaboration. Her bragging irritated some South Americans, who thought she should have shown some humility while also continuing to better her craft, as well as using the Chris Brown collaboration to seek collaborations with other top local talents.

Taking to her Instagram page, she apologised to those who felt she was begging, noting in the caption of her post that she didn’t mean to offend anyone. Last we checked, the post had been liked over 10k times, with over 500 comments. You can check out the post below.

By the way, she reportedly earned $3k from Christ Brown sampling her voice. She indicated she would use the fund to renovate her mother’s grave, get a better phone and use the rest to push her music career.

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