Naledi Aphiwe’s Musical Breakthrough: Rise To Fame With iPhone Gift By Chris Brown

From Classroom to Chris Brown's Recognition

Naledi Aphiwe’s Musical Breakthrough: Rise To Fame With iPhone Gift By Chris Brown

South African rising star Naledi Aphiwe’s journey to fame took a significant leap forward, thanks to international R&B superstar Chris Brown. The young singer’s voice captured Brown’s attention, leading him to sample her song in his latest album, “11:11.” This collaboration not only brought Aphiwe into the limelight but also came with a substantial reward. Chris Brown compensated Aphiwe with approximately R56,000 (around $3,000) for using her voice in his song “Shooter”​.

In a heartwarming turn of events, Aphiwe, aged 17, announced on her Instagram that she had purchased an iPhone 12 with the money received from Brown. The news generated mixed reactions on social media. While many congratulated her on her burgeoning success and celebrated the new phone, others were less impressed with what they saw as boasting. Some netizens expressed concern over Aphiwe’s approach to her newfound fame, cautioning her against chasing clout​.


Naledi Aphiwe’s sudden rise to fame began when a video of her singing a soulful song in an African language went viral. This caught the attention of Chris Brown, who later sampled her voice. Speaking about the experience, Aphiwe expressed her gratitude towards Brown for choosing her talent among many others. The young artist plans to use her earnings to further her content and also to fix her mother’s grave, which she couldn’t do as desired due to financial constraints. Aphiwe’s story is not just about her own success but also reflects the power of social media in catapulting local talents to international recognition​.

Chris Brown’s “11:11” album, which features Aphiwe’s voice, also includes collaborations with other international artists like Nigerian star Davido and Jamaican-born Byron Messia. This global blend of talents underscores the album’s diverse appeal and Brown’s knack for recognizing and elevating emerging artists like Naledi Aphiwe​.