Nampree Ordered To Pay Legals Fees Of The Men She Claimed Raped Her

It is clearly not yet Uhuru for Nampree, the young lady who claimed that Dj Fresh and Euphonik raped her and her friend back in 2011. She made the claim a while back, bringing to the fore once again the issue of GBV in SPOuth Africa. However, both musicians dismissed her claims. insisting that they don’t know the woman and have never met her, so there is no way they could have raped someone they never met.

Just recently, DJ Fresh had given an update about the case, noting that Nampree lost the case against him and DJ Euphonik, both of whom had countersued her for defamation.

Reacting to his post, she denounced him for “lying” while also revealing that he had blocked her on social media so that he could write anything about her without her knowing. She even shared a statement from her attorneys regarding the case in an attempt to contradict DJ Frsh’s claims.

However, new reports indicate that Judge Jacobus Strijdom, during a hearing at the Johannesburg High Court, ruled against her, asking her to pay the legal fees of the two men she claimed had raped her. This aligns – in part, at least – with DJ Fresh’s claim of “victory.”

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