Nana And IPeleng Sick On BBTitans

Big Brother Titans housemates Nana and Ipeleng were sick in the house.

When did a flu become so entertaining? Fans of the Big Brother Titans show did not see this week’s drama coming. No, it wasn’t a fight. Actually, some of the ladies were feeling too well.

Ebubu was seen trying to make a concoction for her to drink and feel better.

Nana was down on Tuesday evening, and Miracle carried her to make sure she was taken care of. The housemates were heard saying she couldn’t breathe while rushing to help her. Fellow housemates Tsatsii, Ipeleng and Blue Aiva also caught something. It seemed The sickness was contagious.

Things were better in the morning. Miracle OP made omelettes for the ladies for breakfast. Blaqboi also helped out by feeding Nana and Ipeleng. Kanaga helped Tsatsii in getting ready for the day by ironing her clothes. And Ebubu made a remedy for the ladies.

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