Nandi Madida Is Appreciative, Shares An Album She Recorded When She Was 14 Years Old

Nandi Madida shows her appreciation as she shares an album she recorded when she was 14 years old.

Like we always say, all the artists who are on the scene right now have stories about how they got to the top. Some still can’t believe they’re there, that’s why they’re always appreciative of the success they’ve achieved and how far they’ve come.

Nandi Madida has recorded a lot of success in her career and has proven to be one of the most admired celebs in the country. She recently took to Instagram to share a bit of her story and also to show her appreciation for how far she’s come. She shared an album she made when she was 14 (which she revealed was sent to her by childhood friend, Minnie Dlamini).

According to her, a year after she recorded the album, she was recruited to host a kids show on SABC 2. She revealed that it reminded her of what overnight success looks like while showing her gratitude.