Nandi Madida Reacts To Praise For Her Natural Look

South African actress and singer Nandi Madida is known for her stunning natural looks for which she has been praised multiple times. Of particular significance, it seems, was the praise she got from the African Archives X account.

The page shared a picture of her in her natural glory. In the caption to the post, the page lets all black women know that they are beautiful without the fake hair (wigs, weaves, etc) that they put on.

Nandi Madida saw the post and shared it with a comment, thanking the page for showing her love. Her fans were in the comments to celebrate with her as well. You can check out the post below.

This is but one of many times when Nandi Madida is getting complimented over her unapologetically African looks and how she effortlessly projects the same, showing that beauty is not exactly in wigs and weaves.

The songstress is married to another musician, the Grammy-winning Zakes Bantwini, who is also a pillar of support to her in her advocacy for Africana.

Well, if you should ask us, we would say this is just the beginning of Madida getting more recognition for her advocacy that boosts women’s confidence in the natural.

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