Nandi Madida Takes Amaru Da Costa To Court Over Outstanding Payment

Apparently when Nandi Madida modelled for LUX, she wasn’t paid in full for her services. But Unilever, owners of the LUX brand, has made it known that total sum due to her has been paid to the agent for the LUX campaign, Amaru da Costa of Ade Holdings Proprietary.

But he failed to complete her payment. So she headed to court and has got a summons for him. According to her, it is the first time she has been to court. Also, she has never had issues with previous brands she collaborated with.

In a circular she issued, she stated that she has had fruitful relationships with other brands she had worked with. Also, she clarified that contrary to what Sunday World suggested, the said Amaru Da Costa (also called Thamsanqa Fakazi) is not her manager and has never been.

From the @SundayWorldZA story I can confirm that due to outstanding money a summons has been sent from my legal team to Amaru Da Costa (Thamsanqa Fakazi) an agent who works with Unilever on the LUX campaign. He is not my manager&has never been my manager as the headline suggests.

In her press release, she wrote:

Thank you for all your love and support, I can confirm a summons has been sent this week from my legal team to an agent who worked on the LUX campaign for Unilever Thamsanqa Fakazi (known as Amaru Da Costa) from Ade Holding Proprietary who is NOT my manager and has never been my manager as his company is the agency for this campaign. He has been issued with a summons due to outstanding money he has not paid me from my LUX endorsement, as their ambassador.
Due to the sensitive nature of the case, as it is going to court I cannot divulge details of the case but It has been (communicated) to me by Unilever that all amounts due and payable in terms of the contract have been made to the agent for their LUX campaign Thamsanqa Fakazi (Amaru Da Costa) of ADE agency.
I have never been to court before nor have I ever had money outstanding or owed to me from any endorsement I’ve been involved with before. This is the first as I pride myself of enjoying great fruitful relationships with all brands I work with.
Best Nandi Madida

She thanked her fans for their support and concern regarding the case. The said AMaru Da Costa has no responded to the issues of summons and Nandi Madida’s staement she has not been paid outstanding fees.

Anyway, we’re following the case closeand will bring you details as they unfold. Stay tuned updates by following our social media channels and subscribing to our newsfeed.

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