Narrow Escape For Makhadzi As Thieves Fire Shots, Rob Her

It was a narrow escape for popular Venda artist Makhadzi as she escaped being shot dead by two thieves.

The Open Mic Productions singer was slated to perform at an event on Saturday night (14 May) at 8 pm. But the gig was delayed until midnight. So she elected to rest in her car before the show.

Lionel Jamela, co-owner of Open Mic Productions, narrated that the songstress was resting in her car when the thieves ambushed her, put a gun to her neck and took her phone. However, when she started screaming and running, one of the thieve cocked his gun and shot at her – but missed.

He noted that everyone in the parking lot at the time fled. He, a dancer and Makhadzi left soon after but noticed a car following them. So they made it to the nearest police station (Ga-Rankuwa) to report the incident. The police were gracious and escorted them out of the place.

Makhadzi is said to be shaken by the incident and is currently receiving counselling.

In a post on Facebook following the incident, she had asked her fans not to forget to thank God for life because life is too short. She has a point, apparently.

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