Nas or Jay-Z? Sizwe Dhlomo Reignites Debate On The Best Between The Two

The debate on who, between Nas and Jay-Z, is the best rapper has been around for as long as one can remember. When many thought the debate may have been rested for good, South African media personality Sizwe Dhlomo reignited it again with a recent post on social media.

A Twitter user called The Instigator had shared a tweet in which he noted that Jay-Z cannot lace Nas’s shoes in the game of hip-hop. Reacting to that take, Sizwe Dhlomo seemingly shook his head and made it clear that Jay-Z is the superior of the two rappers.

His take not only reignited the old debate about Nas and Jay-Z, but it also had fans siding with each and giving reasons why they think their fave is the best rapper, compared to the other. You can check out the tweet below.

If accolades and awards are yardstick for measuring who the best rapper is, then Jay-Z would take the crown. But that is not the case here. And no, we are not going to tell you our choice.

If nothing else, comparing the two musicians shows that people are truly paying attention to their works, which is good for the careers of both of them.

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