Nas Says New Album “King’s Disease” Drops 21 August

After treating fans to “Ultra Black,” Nash has indicated a new project, titled “King’s Disease,” will be out next week – 21 August 2020.

“Ultra Black,” which features Hit Boy (AKA Tony Fontana), is actually the first song from the imminent body of work. Nas had announced the imminent album via his Instagram page yesterday 13 August 2020.

The announcement generated great excitement among his fans, who just can’t wait to drink from Nas’s pot of musical alchemy. Well, we can’t wait, too; our eyes are peeled, our ears unstopped…

August 21 is only a week away. We might share the album here on release. So you wanna do the needful right now: subscribe to our newsfeed and follow our social media channels so you don’t miss the album when it drops.

You might want to check out the first track off the album as well, which might remind you of recent events around the world including, of course, the Black Live Matter (#BLM) advocacy.

Stream the song below and get ready to be infected with the “King’s Disease.” You surely won’t die from this infection. Boredom will. Best believe, and oh, start vibing with the number below. “Ultra Black” is the sole message here. Make it yours.

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