Nasty C And A-Reece Are The Only SA Rappers Zoocci Coke Dope Rates

Talented producer and rapper, Zoocci Coke Dope has come out on the reason why Nasty C and A-reece are the only South African Rappers he rates.

The “Anxiety” rapper made it known that rappers like Nasty C and A-reece are the only real deal in the industry, he further pointed out that this rappers were the only one that portrays the kind of SA hip hop he is part of. The rapper suggested that the music made by the other rappers in the game is not appealing to him and he see them as just noises with no absolute meaning. The rapper took to his page via a post to make his view know.

See post below;

Some, of his fans agreed with his view on the rappers and also see them as standard South African rappers. Others think there were some names that could have been added to the list.

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