Nasty C And The Hidden Message About Kamo Mphela In New Single “Why Me”

The “Zulu Man With Some Power” Nasty C recently teased fans with the possibility of a hidden message in his verse on Audiomarc’s song “Why Me,” which also has on it.

In his verse, the Nasty C had sung of a “Mbali.” Fans were supposed to read his lyrics backward to get the message of his verse. And fans were suggesting maybe he’s got something to say about the amapiano ace, Kamo Mphela.

Nasty C himself would rather have fans guessing rather than give them a direct message on his verse. He urged them specifically to play “Why Me” backward and they would get the hidden message.

Fans have been trying, and from the look of things, none of them have been able to ace the challenge. It remains to be seen if the songster would share the hidden message directly. That would ruin the fun, of course, but some fans wouldn’t mind.

By the way, Audiomarc is Nasty C’s official disc jockey. The pair has worked together twice, with the latest being their third collaboration.

Nasty C had signed a recording deal with Def Jam Africa, which made it possible for him to continue his rapping adventure in the United States.