Nasty C Asks Mzansi To Pray For Coronavirus Relief

Award-winning South African rapper, Nasty C, has taken to social media to encourage his fans to pray during this period of fear and uncertainty.

With strong faith and heart filled with hope, the young rapper stated a bible verse that keeps his spirits up.

Some of Nasty C’s fans agrees with the rapper as it is evident that people are losing faith that the pandemic would end soon.

Just like many other people in Mzansi, Nasty C has resorted to praying for relief during this period of fear and uncertainty.

Following the 21-day nationwide lockdown, people have been filled with fear and uncertainty as it is unclear when this pandemic would end. The talented rapper has encouraged his fans to pray to God when they feel weak as He is the only one that can provide them with strength.

The cases of coronavirus in South Africa are growing at a geometric rate and people are losing hope as more cases are being reported on a daily basis.

Observing the nation’s hopeless state, Nasty C has taken to his social media page to reveal a bible verse that keeps his spirits up, his faith strong, and his heart filled with hope.

The talented rapper urged his fans to pray as he shared a picture of the bible verse.

Taking to the comment section, his fans thanked him for his words of encouragement and expressed their thoughts. While some had lost hope in the pandemic, others trust that God will grant them the strength to get through this dilemma.

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