Nasty C Chats With Ms Cosmo: Talks Zulu Man With Some Power, There They Go and Lockdown

Nasty C chats with Ms Cosmo about upcoming album, There They Go, Lockdown and more

chats with Ms Cosmo about his upcoming album, Man With Some Power, “There The Go”, and the nationwide lockdown.

is undeniably one of the most sort after artists in the game right now. You could say he’s the one on literally everyone’s lips these days. Since the rapper announced his upcoming album, and followed it up with the release of the first single, everyone’s radar has been on him.

He recently appeared in a chat with Mzansi disc jockey and presenter, Ms Cosmo where he talked about lots of things. The chat touched some of the trending topics in Mzansi and also involving him.

From his recent signing to Def Jam, to Man With Some Power, There They Go, the nationwide lockdown, and of course, the future. It was a pretty interesting chat and you’d be glad you watched it. We can’t wait for more new music from him.

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