Nasty C Coulda Been A Pastor

Nasty C says he really coulda been a pastor after a fan almost went nuts watching him perform.

How would you feel if someone almost lost their minds watching you perform? Oh, if only we could be in Nasty C’s shoes right now. The rapper is currently considering being a pastor after a fan felt his anointing while he performed.

The Mzansi star shared a video of a female fan almost losing her mind while she watched him perform. The music really did hit different because the fan is seen singing along to his song while also looking like she was going to pass out.

In the captions, the “There They Go” hit maker revealed that he “really coulda been a pastor”. With all the anointing he’s got right now, we wonder what would happen if he became one. Thankfully, artists are going back on tour, you should find out his next stop for the Zulu Man With Some Power tour.

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