Nasty C Flashes His Expensive Grills And Chains

Nasty C flexes his expensive grills and chains on Instagram

Nasty C shows off his expensive grill and iced out chain, and blinged out rings.

If anyone knows how to show off their accessories it’s Mzansi rapper, Nasty c. The “Jungle” hit maker has always had a taste for good things. Back in 2016 he reportedly bought grills worth more than R100k. It seems he hasn’t lost his taste for expensive accessories because he recently showed some off.

Taking to Instagram on Friday, he flexed his wealth by sharing a photo of his grills, his iced out chain, and rings with blings. Now we know how the inspiration for the “Strings & Bling” album came about.

We’ve always known about Nasty’s love for flashy accessories since he hit the scene. He not only sings about being able to afford dope stuff, he actually owns them.

The rapper also recently announced that he will be featured in the upcoming Netflix African Drama series titled “Blood & Water”. It is set to be released on May 20th.

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