Nasty C Hangs Out Justin Bieber, Birdman And Lionel Richie, At Hollywood Walk of Fame

Nasty C gets to pose with the likes of Justin Bieber and Lewis Capaldi in California!

The widely-acclaimed South African rapper, Nasty C, has proven once again that he is not only popular in South Africa. He is well known and recognized worldwide! The award-winning rapper, who has been spending time in the United States, had the opportunity to hang out with notable figures in Hollywood and American music industry.

Nasty C took pictures with celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Lionel Richie and British singer, Lewis Capaldi.

The people of Mzansi are aware that Nasty C is a gifted rapper that will attain greater heights and accomplish a lot in the music scene. Now, it seems the rest of the world is also aware of this.

As the star visited America recently, Nasty C was invited to Sir Lucian Charles Grainge’s Walk of Fame Star ceremony. Sir Lucian Charles Grainge is the chief executive officer and chairman of Universal Music Group.

While the talented rapper visited the ceremony, he took pictures to honour the Hall of Fame’s new members, and he met with several notable figures.

Some of the notable figures he took pictures with include Lionel Richie, Shawn Mendez, Justin Bieber, Lewis Capaldi, Hailee Steinfield, Tori Kelly and Sam Smith. He also hung out with American rapper, Birdman. We’re surprised the rapper didn’t feel overwhelmed as he met with foreign stars!

Below are the pictures and videos Nasty C shared on his social media page:

Nasty C’s encounter in Walk of Fame Star ceremony is not the first time that the young rapper will be hanging out with a foreign celebrity. Earlier this month, he had visited Japan and shared a photo with American singer, Post Malone.

The young rapper has indeed gotten more famous and attained greater heights as he gets to hang out with foreign stars!

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