Nasty C Invited to a High-Profile Event, ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’ Star Ceremony

Nasty C was priviledged to be invited to Hollywood Walk of Fame Star ceremony with the likes of Lewis Capaldi and Shawn Mendes.

Award-winning rapper, Nasty C, has continued to soar high and make South Africans proud. This time around, he got invited to a high-profile event in California, Hollywood Walk of Fame Star ceremony.

The young rapper was priviledged to be invited amongst other notable figures, to witness Sir Lucian Grainge, the CEO of Universal Music, being inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday.

Nasty C was in the midst of foreign celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Sam Smith, Tori Kelly, Lionel Richie, and Shawn Mendes.

The young rapper proudly showed us his new accomplishment as he took to social media to share pictures where he posed with American stars such as Justin Bieber, and Shawn Mendes.

The award-winning rapper wrote:

Was invited to Sir Lucian Grainge’s ‘Hollywood Walk Of Fame’ star ceremony. Thank you and congratulations sir.

To further show us how proud he was of himself, Nasty C shared a video where he was being called with stars like Lionel Richie, Shawn Mendes and Sam Smith.

Nasty C’s fans have flooded social media, expressing their excitement as their favourite celebrity is making them proud. They congratulated for being the real ‘Zulu man with some power.’–levels-nasty-c-was-invited-to-a-high-profile-la-event-and-tweeps-cant-deal%2F–levels-nasty-c-was-invited-to-a-high-profile-la-event-and-tweeps-cant-deal%2F–levels-nasty-c-was-invited-to-a-high-profile-la-event-and-tweeps-cant-deal%2F–levels-nasty-c-was-invited-to-a-high-profile-la-event-and-tweeps-cant-deal%2F–levels-nasty-c-was-invited-to-a-high-profile-la-event-and-tweeps-cant-deal%2F–levels-nasty-c-was-invited-to-a-high-profile-la-event-and-tweeps-cant-deal%2F

The rapper has taken to social media this week, to inform fans that his upcoming album, ‘Zulu Man With Some Power,’ will soon be released.

Following the release of his album, ‘Strings and Blings’ in 2018, fans are eagerly waiting for the release of his new album.

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