Nasty C Might Be Changing His Stage Name

Nasty C reveals he might be changing his name to something else

Nasty C reveals the stage name he might be changing to.

Lawsuits can really get an artist to alter so much about their brand. We’re wondering if that would be happening to Mzansi rapper, Nasty C soon. It just might because he shared a new name he could be changing to.

The Mzansi star was previously signed to FreeWorld Music and then transferred to Mabala Noise. Apparently, he wasn’t released entirely from his contract with FreeWorld after the transfer. Years after that, the “There They Go” star was hit with a lawsuit by FreeWorld alongside Mabala Noise for an alleged breach of contract.

The suit summed up to about R4.5m. The label also asked that Nasty C stop using the name. In a recent interview during Netflix’s Blood & Water premiere, he revealed the name he might be switching to to be “Ivyson”. We hope it doesn’t get to that, but it isn’t in our hands.

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