Nasty C Not Dropping New Music Anytime Soon

“Zulu Man With Some Power” is one of the most anticipated albums by a South African this years. Right now, it is looking like it will take long before fans see the album or any new work from Nasty C.

Recently, the songster released his “ZULU” mixtape in collaboration with America’s DJ Whookid. The reception for that compilation was simply heartwarming. It trended within hours of release.

But Nasty C has no plans of building on the momentum of the mixtape’s success. For one, the coronavirus pandemic has totally modified the way he has to interact with his fans and even hold interview. The changes have been drastic and pretty annoying.

So, although he might – really would – keep on making music, he wouldn’t release be releasing them until further notice. According to the “EAZY” rapper, he would rather lock himself up right now. But no new music.

Fans hankering for the “Zulu Man With Some Power” album and perhaps other projects, might have to wait much longer. But y’all gotta rest assured the muso isn’t done with music just yet.

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John Israel A

John is a language hedonist whose other pastime, besides writing, is reading up on politics and holding leaders to account. He believes the world can be better and is working behind the scenes to actualize that.

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