Nasty C Okays Touring With American Rapper Lil Uzi Vert

In a recent interview, Nasty C was asked if he would be interested in touring with Symere Bysil Woods, the American rapper who goes by the stage name of Lil Uvi Vert, and he responded “yes.”

Calls were said to have been made to get him on a tour with the 26-year-old Philadelphia native. The pair hasn’t worked on a song previously. But with the news of them possibly going on a tour, we wouldn’t be surprised if they strike a great rapport and treat fans to a collaborative single.

The news of the Nasty C going on tour with Lil Uvi Vert has generated great excitement among his fans, who can’t wait to see this happen. It would be a great career boost for the songster and great news for South African hip hop.

Nasty C has been making inroads into the American music market and has worked with a couple of Americans, including and DJ Whoo Kid (Haitian-American). Nasty was even criticized for sounding like an Atlanta rapper in his song with T.I.

It remains to be seen if the tour with Lil Uvi Vert will take place. If it does take place, we will bring you news of it.

Stay tuned.

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