Nasty C On Gemini Major’s Role In His Music Career

The “Zulu Man With Some Power” Nasty C has just given Gemini Major his flowers, acknowledging that the producer was instrumental to his story and his success.

In a recent episode of his The Zulu Man With Some Power Podcast, Nasty C had played host to some local and international  producers, including Gemini Major, G Koop, and Beat Butcha.

The producers had spoken of what their experience working with Nasty C was like. Along the line, Nasty C had shared a very personal message detailing how Gemini Major helped his career.

He said that he and Gemini are so chummy that he never got the chance to talk something truly seriously, like the massive contributions the producer has made in his career. He said Gemini Major is as crazy as he is and could meet him halfway.

By the way, Gemini Major is a notable producer who, besides Nasty C, has worked with other key figures in the industry. He’s much respected for his creative energy. Nasty C himself is just as respected. He was recently named one of the iconic figures on the continent.

You may want to check out the detailed interview below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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