Nasty C On Why He Hasn’t Moved To the US Yet

If you have been wondering why Nasty C hasn’t moved to the United States following his signing to Def Jam, you’re not alone. Fortunately the songster has just explained why he hasn’t relocated just yet.

When Nasty C signed to Def Jam Africa last year, one of the items on his card was to relocate to the United States and start with some of the country’s rap figures. He said that much publicly.

The celebrated rapper is yet to move to the States, though, which leaves fans wondering.

According to Nasty C, he hasn’t moved because America doesn’t want peeps from South Africa right now because the Rainbow Nation suffers from a new strain of the coronavirus.

The only way for him to be allowed in the United States is for him to first quarantine in a safe country for 14 days. But doing so would disrupt his schedule. So he’s still in South Africa.

He may not have made the trip to the United States, but Nasty C is still pretty busy in the studio. According to him, he has completed some collaborative works with some American rappers.

He wouldn’t disclose their names nor the title of the projects because, according to him, he doesn’t want people to get too excited too soon.

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