Nasty C Opens Up About His 19-Day Fast

SA Hip Hop star Nasty C has opened up about the 19-day fast he is currently on.

A lot of Mzansi’s biggest stars have been reconnecting with God. Nasty C is the latest to speak out about his spiritual journey. Appearing in a Live video with singer and actor Rotimi, Nasty opened up about being on a 19-day fast and how it came about. He said,

“When I knew I was gonna have a kid, I started preparing myself. So a good friend of mine Alex, told me about a fast that he’s doing. Im actually fasting right now. It’s like a 19-day fast where you forget about like your physical hunger and you focus more on like your spiritual hunger.”

The “Crazy Crazy” star revealed that it began on 1 March and will end on the 19th.

“So from the first of March to the 19th of March, from sunrise to sunset, you dont eat nothing, you dont drink anything and you try your best to be intentional about everything that you do. Have more patience with people, be kind to people, not just people you work with or the people you live with and stuff like that, everyone just be kind. Be a nice person, pray more often, every time you feel your stomach grumbling pray, think about how your soul is hungry, think about your connection with God needs fixing and stuff like that.”

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