Nasty C Opens Up On Cause Of His Beef With A-Reece

Nasty C talks about the origin of his beef with A-Reece

speaks on the origin of his beef with .

For as long as we can remember, former label mates, and have been at odds. The two rappers are undeniably two very talented emcees in the SA scene but for some reason they haven’t been each other’s biggest fans.

In all the time the two have been at odds, no one has really figured out what went wrong between them. Usually in rap feuds, something always happens to make the two parties not like each other. However, it would seem theirs was merely spurred on by the game.

In a previous interview, A-Reece revealed their former label, had pitted them against each other. Now speaking about the origin of the beef, Nasty revealed to Vlad that nothing really caused it.

According to him, it happened when the new wave was coming up, and people kept making comparisons of them, and they just rolled with. He however stated he once tried to mend their relationship but A-Reece’s attitude made him give up.