Nasty C Previews New Joint “Taxify”

SA Hip Hop star Nasty C has previewed a forthcoming joint titled “Taxify.”

We don’t know what Nasty C’s plans are this year, but we are certain he’s going big. Last year, the famous emcee came through with the chart-topping album “I Love It Here.” The reviews were great, and the tour was a massive success.

Still, Nasty isn’t even dwelling on that mountain of success; he’s been doing more. This year, he teamed up with Blackway and dropped “No Regrets.” He has shared plans to release a new solo joint.

During an Ivyson Gaming Session on Twitch, the famous emcee one of his unreleased songs titled ‘Taxify’ to the delight of his fans. While previewing the joint, Nasty said he made it during his visit to Cape Town.

According to him, he was experimenting with different sounds at the time.

“I dont even know, this one of those weird creepy vibes we made in Cape Town. Crazy week, f**kn insane week, party back to back. I dont know this is a dicey one. I told you sometimes we go in there we experiment okay, eish these disclaimers, alright whatever.”

Fans have since given positive feedback to the song. Check it out below.



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