Nasty C Releases “Zulu Man In Japan” Documentary On Netflix

Just recently, South African rapper Nasty C announced the imminence of a docu-series, named for his latest project, on Netflix. The series is here finally, titled “Zulu Man In Japan.”

The songster announced the availability of the “Zulu Man In Japan” documentary himself, in a recent Instagram post, which he copied to his Twitter account as well. In the caption, he subtly thanked God for his success. Yeah, God is showing off with him the “Zulu Man With Some Power.”

The documentary has taken the songster to Tokyo, where he’ll be exploring the City’s sights and sounds, and might ultimately collaborate with the country’s ongakuka.

The documentary is being released in partnership with Red Bull Music South Africa and Nasty C’s Ivyson Entertainment. Chris Nichols captured the documentary which plays for exactly 48 minutes.

Nasty said he’s always had the feeling that he was meant to visit Japan. That feeling has since materialized into reality. The result is this documentary that is as entertaining as it is revealing. You gotta check it out.

If you don’t have Netflix, you might want to check out the documentary trailer below and just keep hope alive. You might still get it. That’s the point, if you please.

Zulu Man In Japan | Official Trailer

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