Nasty C Reveals A Song Produced by No I.D. Failed To Make The Cut in ZMWSP Album

As time accelerates towards August 28, the scheduled date for the release of Nasty C’s intensely anticipated body of work “Zulu Man With Some Power,” the songster has revealed that a song produced by the American No I.D will no longer be a part of the compilation.

The Coolest Kid In Africa made this revelation while speaking with Okay Africa. He admitted, however, that No I.D unlocked something in him which other producers failed to. For this he is grateful. The song might still be released, but not as part of “Zulu Man With Some Power.”

Although the song failed to make the cut, Nasty C is pretty chuffed about it. In fact, he is confident that the song will drive some fans nut when released. He describes the song as “crazy.” It remains to be seen how fans treat the song when it drops eventually.

By the way the “Zulu Man With Some Power” album is currently available for pre-order on Apple Music.

The album, like the song produced by No I.D which failed to make the cut in “Zulu Man With Some Power,” will be shared here at UbeToo on release. You may want to stay informed by following our social media channels.

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